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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

The good is silenced for evil to soar. Moreover, what makes you think the devil after “Job”? The Bible recorded that Job was a goodly, perfect, upright man with the fear of GOD (Job 1:1). The devil wanted to see if Job could probably change his stands towards GOD so as to alter his (Job’s) destiny. One of the major reasons why the enemies are always after the goodly people is to distract them and make them deviate from God’s original plans for them.

So also, Joseph was not left out.

Despite his harmless and goodly nature was hated, envied and was eventually sold into slavery by whom? His blood brothers! (Gen. 37) The enemy can decide to use the closet person to you (friends, spouse, parents….) to achieve his ulterior motive. Your focus shouldn’t be on whom the devil is using against you but on the agenda behind it. Joseph had a very great destiny that the enemy wanted to thwart through his brothers. He (Joseph) was faced with castigations and calamity so as to destroy God’s divine purpose for him. What is the devil trying to distract you from? Why you? Another reason why goodly people are faced with so many challenges is the fact that they are endowed with great virtues and prospects which stand as a threat to the enemy. The greater your destiny, the weightier the challenges you stand to face.

On the other hand, ’Count it all joy when ye fall into divers’ temptation’ (James 1:2); for what the enemies did to destroy you, could turn out to be for your own good. If Joseph was not sold into slavery by his brethren, would be have attained the throne in Egypt? No!

Finally, the evil you see today might be to slow you down, strengthen you, or might even be a launching pad to your glory. Every greatness and goodness has the contrary (evil) to contend with. The Lord will not allow you pass through a temptation you cannot handle. You only get wiser by the day. Life is beautiful! Sometimes God takes everything He has given us. Show love and keep doing good; it might seem tough and unbearable but the end shall justify the means. SHALOM!!!

By Judith Afoke

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