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The Truth about Promotion

Happy Sunday family!!!
You shall encounter Promotion this week in Jesus name, amen.

We want you to know that God is interested in your wellbeing and your progress. And He wants you to know that, He’s a shareholder in your progress. But most of us have often times gotten the wrong ideology about our success.

1) Promotion comes from God. The bible says, PROMOTION does not come from the South, West, East or North; it comes from God; He has the capacity to bring down one and uplift another.

2) Promotion is an expansion of influence:
whatever you have now, it’s not for you alone; it is also for someone out there. We all have the capacity and ability to influence people wherever we find ourselves; either at home or at our place of work.
You are an answer to someone’s problem or prayer point. God promotes you to touch lives and to add colour to your world.

3) Promotion is an increase Of responsibilities: God increase you to increase your responsibility. So stop complaining when people ask you for one favour or the other. Just do your best and leave the rest for God

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