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The Power of the Mind (2)


I tell people that I apply what I call PSYCHO-BIBLICAL technique/approach in handling any given event or situation in life.
What does it mean? Simple; Psychological and Biblical Approaches.


Why Psycho-Biblical? Of course the first reason is that I’m a servant of the most high God with the bible in my hand. And the second being that I’m a psychologist and I’m proud to be one.

You know, Human beings are social animals; and this world is filled with human beings (Homo Sapiens). We are distinguished from other animals by our superior mental development, our power of articulate speech, and our upright stance.

For me, I still think that the study of human being should be rated high because if the mind is not rightly positioned, you may not do well in any giving vocation/profession in life. Likewise if you are not socially stable you may not have a good working relationship with people. You must be emotionally intelligent to deal with people and yourself. You have to be high in the following:

a) Intelligence quotient: which is the measure of your comprehension ability
b) Emotional quotient: which is the ability to maintain peace with others
c) Social quotient: which is the ability to build a network of friends and maintain it over a long period of time.

The mind is the element of a person that enables you to be aware of the world and their experiences.

It is the element of a person that enables you to feel.

It is person’s ability to think and reason.
It has to do with the intellect
Most importantly, it is the faculty of consciousness and thought.

In my good opinion, the Bible is the best character modification or mind control tool. Good deals with us through our soul to our mind, which in turn transmits to our body, after being processed by the brain.
Your “brain” is a part of the visible, tangible world of the body; while Your “mind” is part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination.
The mind is not confined to the brain but the brain is a physical organ mostly associated with the mind.
I reiterate that, the best control pill is the word of God.
John 6:63B “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”
Phil. 2:5 “let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”.


1. You Should See right:
The sight is powerful as far as the mind is concern. What you see send signals to your brain, which in turn interacts with the mind to form perception. So, You should be careful what you watch or fill your eyes with.

In Gen. 13:14-15, God commanded Abraham to lift up his eyes. Then Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the same plots of land, that people have been seeing. They saw but could not understand what was beneath.
Even Lot couldn’t see what was beneath.
Watch this: In that situation you are right now, there are great possibilities/opportunities beneath.

In Numbers 13, Moose sent twelve spies to view the land of Canaan. Amongst them were the dynamic mountain movers, Joshua and Caleb. On their return they gave their own side of the story. Everyone told the story of what they saw. Twelve of them saw the same land, but Joshua and Caleb saw differently
It’s just like the ten blind men describing the elephant from their point of view.
Most people have eyes but see things like the blind men. Helen said, the worse thing that can happen to a man, is having eyes but lack vision.

2. You should Mind the way you interpret the things you see.
This has to do more with your vision, you have seen the physical picture, what next?
It’s the mental picture you build. What did you deduce from what you saw last? How do you interpret what you saw or what you are seeing now or in any given situation? That will form your belief system. That’s Because the mind interact with stimuli and stimuli interact with your impulses and your impulses interact with your signals to produce reactions to form behaviour.
Wd should mind the way interpret stuff even in other spheres of lives. This is also applicable to our relationships; either martial or platonic.

In a nutshell, when your eyes see anything, it sends signal to your brain which helps the mind to interpret what you see.
So these spies saw but two had different mental pictures and interpret thus (even when faced with the fact that there were giants on the land), they said,”no we are well able, to take over the land.”

Train your mind to produce what you want.

Jones-Erue Debby
Trained Psychologist/Counsellor
Speaker/Life Coach/Motivator/Intercessor.
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