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Rekindling Your Lost Passion

I started writing, dancing, debating/talking and acting back in my secondary school days, that’s over two decades ago; and recently, preaching the gospel. These were not just passion, but they formed part of me and very quickly they also became what I was known for among friends and acquaintances.
Base on what I do, I often meet firms and meaningful individuals for partnership and funding but most times their responses were discouraging.

In addition, I have deep passion of making people happy. So the bottom line of what I do is touching lives through all my channels (that is, Women on Rescue, Godly influence international initiative and JHP), but it’s not been easy as I’ve being struggling with some of them which tends to weaken my resolve sometimes, thereby extinguishing my passion. The resources aren’t coming quite easily; the effort it takes to get people to believe, run with me and invest in all I do, feels a bit overwhelming.

Motivatiing , helping, investing, praying for people are still what I love to do, but it’s, quite simply, feeling hard at some moment.

If you’ve ever had a passion for something, you know it can be like a mirage sometimes. One day you can feel so on top of the world, doing exactly what you love to do, On other days, you can feel so uninspired, discouraged, wondering if you’ll ever get your energy, vibes and joy back again because of all sorts of discouragement.

And when your passion is something you are known for, it becomes more than just something you do, it becomes something you are and known for.

But what do you do, if you loss that passion and the zeal that fire you up? Worst of all is when you feel unmotivated.

I had several times find myself in such position. The truth is that, it can be very discouraging and frustrating. Thus it becomes hard to motivate yourself to take proper action. Be that as it may, I always and definitely find my way back to my push in several new things.

It’s not a big do though, but just a few techniques that can set you on fire and allow you to explore yourself and to reignite your passion.

1) Just stop everything for a while. There is no need of forcing yourself when your mental abilities can no longer assimilate or put things together. This is a powerful technique. The more you lay pressure on your mental coordination the less interesting life becomes. So close those volumes of books; shut down your computer or any other system. For me at this point, I watch interesting movies which can arouse something in me.
So take some time off. Possible get away from your present environment. It could be a day or a week off. The more the better. How far you go is in your own prerogative but you need to get away from such surrounding. It will help you to find clarity and shift in mental process.

2) Find your loss interest. I know you had something that has always interest you while growing up; find it again. For me I had interest in dancing, debating and writing. So whenever I’m overwhelmed, I opened my love for dancing, writing, debating.

3) Soak yourself in Silence and feel the excitement. Haven’t you heard, “silence is the best answer given to a …… “ So silent those thoughts by ignoring them with silence. Just write those exciting things or those things that bring excitement; it will show you and help you to make a real decision.

4)Try new things. If you want something new, do something new/different. It’s time to rediscover yourself; walk in your part of rediscovering. Try things out that you think can lead you to see or know how you feel. You think you’ve seen it all or know it all; Noooo. There are ideas or knowledge you are yet to discover. I’m still evolving. Everyday, I see better parts of me. Ask God for leading. As you do this you will discover a sense of energy and fulfilment.
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Speaker/Life Coach/Motivator/Intercessor.
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