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Overcoming Depression

Depression is the feeling of severe despondency and dejection.
This thing call ‘feeling’ is very essential in the human psychological make up. Depression in this context, is the state of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future. It’s a mental illness in which a person is very unhappy and anxious for long periods and cannot have a normal life.
Those who suffer from depression Sometimes, exhibit tiredness, loss of appetite, recurrent thoughts of death or suicide or an attempt at suicide.
If you suffer from depression it’s best to get professional help; maybe psychotherapy
1. Exercise:

It’s an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. One good thing about exercise is that it improves your heart and lung power”. Aerobic exercise is very profiting to the mind. Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that makes you sweat, causes you to breathe harder, and gets your heart beating faster than at rest. It strengthens your heart and lungs and trains your cardiovascular system to manage and deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently throughout your body. It uses your large muscle groups, is rhythmic in nature, and can be maintained continuously for at least 10 minutes.

Aerobic exercise raises endorphins levels and stimulates the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which is linked with mood. This may help relieve depression.


2. Do something exciting:

Do what gives you joy. Watch exciting movies with friends and go to parties; cook; draw; sketch; set up a garden etc. Anything that can arouse your excitement; just do it.
3. Don’t stay alone: make sure you are always in the company of someone and if you have anyone depressed, make sure they are not left alone because at this point they are danger to themselves.
4. Most importantly, be transformed by the renewal of your mind. The mind is powerful. That’s why a psychologist is called the doctor of the mind. You are who you think. You can only pretend for a while but who you are inside will manifest in no distance time. The Bible says that we should be transformed by the renewal of our mind. Allow the mind of Jesus to be in you. When you study the bible well, you will know the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is of good not to commit suicide or behave abnormal. He said, let not your heart be troubled; just believe in Him and the peace that passes all understanding which the world even doctor can’t give shall overwhelm you. And Believe God for his healing balm.
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