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Nine Things That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

  1. Kitchen Sink: Unknowingly to most of us the kitchens sink and the floor close to the sink carries 500 bacteria per square inch. This is the very place that takes all the dirt from our dishes. So take time to clean it very well.
  2. Light Switch: Our light switch is another very important place to us and it carries 270 bacteria per square inch.
  3. Door Handle: The door handles is opened to all. Everyone holds the nop thereby transferring germs from one hand to another.
  4. Remote: SAS is easily transferred through remotes. Everyone holds the remote and no one bothers to clean it with anti-bacteria liquid.
  5. Computer Keyboard: Seriously, this is not under contention. As the keyboard is always tapped every now and then and every dick and harry used it.
  6. Money: This is extremely dangerous to health as 135,000 bacteria come from a bill of money. So endeavour to wash your hands after getting contact with money.

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