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Look younger and healthier

I’m privileged to counsel a lot of people and 40% of what I hear is, ‘I’m sick, please pray for me’. Off course that’s my God given assignment.

I pray and gbam there comes testimony. Some come again, same story.
And I’m like, “what’s going on?”
They forgot I’m human too and I’ve been there. Pains every now and then; joint pain, leg pain, chest pain, neck pain, internal heat, back heat, weakness, nausea, skin problem, liver problem, etc. I have also taken out time to pray for myself and I got healed also.

At a point, I told myself the truth, that it’s time to live right: it’s time to work on myself because that’s what God wants for me; “to live in Divine health”.

Guess what; the result was so amazing.
I practically saw myself coming down naturally and looking healthier without any weight loss medication. Yes, it’s that easy.

Then, I said within myself, I shouldn’t be selfish about this knowledge, since I’ve tried it, it’s working and I can make money from it. What about you?

Now I’m on a journey to help pastors like me who are saddled with health challenges of their congregants and want to see them living life to the fullest.
I’m on a journey to help 1000 ‘life lovers’ who are scared of weight loss medications and are confused on what to do.

I want to help for free, 1000 persons who are scared of the way their health is going and want a change.

If you are that person, then sign up for the 21 Days Challenge on pruning your mental process to control your health to live happier, (a practical approach).

And you would be on your way to making money from it.

All you have to do is, send an email to debbyjones2019@gmail.com ; or joneseruedebby@yahoo.co.uk ; or
joneseruedebby32@gmail.com , stating your interest in the challenge; and you will receive a confirmation on what and how to go about it.

We work with your time of convenience.

It’s time to look younger and healthier.

Debby Jones-Erue


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