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Learn to Appreciate Stuffs

I have discovered that most times we take things for granted. Mostly because, we have the feeling that what we have, what we possess, what we earned, what we achieve in life is by our efforts, by our intelligence and by our calculations.


No doubt, you are right; but come to think of it, this unseen organism, succeeded in locking us down for over a month now; Woah. Suddenly our high I.Q seems dysfunctional.
All our efforts and calculations to wage this war for now has proved abortive. It’s so glaring, how those things we refer to as little things suddenly became very important. stuffs like:
-going to the market
– going to your friend’s house at will
-visiting people and taking them by surprise
-going to parties and attending functions
– going for business
-even Sleeping


Yes, but now:
* we are craving to see our friends
*we are craving to resume our business as usual
* we are craving to resume our religious gatherings
* we are hoping to open those files in our offices again.


Life is never going to be same again.
Well, for me, I love shopping; buying or not; I just like to fill my eyes with nice stuffs.
– I like going for holidays
– I like to pray with people
– I like to fellowship with people
– I like to hang around with friends. The story is quite different now.
We are trying by all means necessary, to get down to business as usual but no ways
– suddenly there is a shift


So you see now, how important these things are; even your next door neighbor, You always quarrel with.


From today, we must begin to place value on everything, no matter how little we feel they are.
Learn to Appreciate everything; including your life.
Learn to Place value on your receptionist, your secretary, domestic staffs, cab drivers, food vendors, cleaners, friends etc.


Truthfully, Covid-19, has really brought change on mankind. Change is the only thing constant in a man.
This season is ushering in an:
* era of thanksgiving
* era of appreciation
*era of value
* era of technology
* era of high spirituality
*era of new business idea


Just focus, accept the change and be intentional to fight to succeed. Never give up for anything.
Brace up.
Keep soaring.
This too shall pass


(The ways as stipulated are my ideas based on Psychological and Biblical insights.)
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