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How To Overcome Abuse


Abuse is a traumatic experience that can lead to other forms of psychological disorder.


Abuse in this context, means, to treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.
It is Cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.


The statistics on abuse are alarming. The world is full of wickedness; The bible says that the heart of a man is deceitful and desperately wicked; who can know it!!!

There are different types of abuse; ranging from Physical abuse to Mental abuse, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Bullying;
to mention but a few.


I’m not going to dwell much on types of abuse but on how to overcome abuse. I want to help someone who is suffering from or is going through any form of abuse.
The statistics on abuse are alarming; overcoming them is a prudent thing to do.

(The ways as stipulated below, are my ideas based on Psychological and Biblical insights.)


1. Speak up! Even when you are under threat. You need to help yourself to speak up. If you can speak up, then the problem would be half solved. Even when you are being threatened; fear not. There are people who got your back. We are so many whose help lines are open for you. When they are caught, they have no option. These abusers use threat as one of their evil tactics or weapons to hide their deeds and guilt. You disarm them when you talk about it. So speak up.
If you feel the people who are close to you are less concerned, then speak with or to professionals. They know what to do. With the mouth confession is made to salvation.


2. Start saying the principles of the the Bible that renews your mind. When you speak up then, stop thinking about it, just Confess the word of God.
Like: “I’m a new creature, old things have passed away and all things have become new.” ‘I’m renewed because of what Jesus did at Calvary’. “I’m enjoy the finished work of Jesus.” “I look unto Him and my face was lightened up and I’m not ashamed.


3. Be positive about life again. Grant God the access to heal you. Free your heart. The reason you are still feeling the pain is because you haven’t allow God to take over. Give it all to him. See the love of the Father. There is still balm in Gilead. There is a river that flows from the fountain of life and it heals every pain along the way.
4. Forgive the culprit. It sounds so weird and not applicable right? That’s Because, it’s your wish that the law must take its place. They must be brought to justice. Don’t worry about that, the law and God’s vengeance shall take care of it; But my concern is you! That’s Because, it’s already part of your story. It’s a memory that will keep recurring every now and then at one point in your life, even if the culprit is killed for your sake. How will you handle it then? So forgive whoever, for your sake. If you don’t forgive you may suffer some advance psychological problems, which may result to depression or otherwise if not well handled.
Beloved, forgive for your joy; forgive for your future; forgive to enable you to move on in life. Listen Your tomorrow is better than today and where you are coming from.
5). Leave all to God. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord; He will repay every man according to his/her deed. Probably, the culprit may have connections to be released from prison; but with God no bribery. They sure will face the wrath of the law. Just allow the Holy Spirit and He will do a new thing in your life. Amen!
He will breathe on you a fresh air of new beginning. Hallelujah.


Incase you feel like talking to someone or you need someone to speak with, I’m just a message away from you. Send me a mail: joneseruedebby@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll surely get back to you.


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