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How to Care For Your Eyes

William Blake describes the eye as the “windows of the soul.” Practically speaking, our eyes are the windows through which we view the world around us, either way; there is no question that we placed great value on our eyes and our vision. Surveys have shown that of the five senses, sight is the one that:

  1. Given the important function our eyes, it would seem that we would give them the best care possible. But sometimes we are too busy or forget to do a few simple things that can keep our eyes healthy. In this article, we would give you all the eye care tips you need to know.
  2. Protecting Your Eyes: the first act of taking care of one’s eyes is to make sure they do not get injured. Secondly, proper nutrition would keep your eyes strong and healthy. Remember that when as a kid, your mother told you carrots would improve your eye sight? She might have been right! To protect the eyes, wear safety glasses.
  3. Preventing Eye Problem: Daily habits could bring several injuries to the eyes, without you knowing or feeling it. One’s eyes could also deteriorate from exposure to ultraviolet light. This damage could be prevented by the use of UV protection sun glasses. To prevent eye stain, people are advised not to sit too close to a television set as to avoid harm to the eyes. Diabetics must be diligent about doctor’s appointments in events of eye problems for prompt attention and care.
  4. Congenital Eye Disorder: This is birth defect. Congenital eye disorder may vary from fairly simple problems like near or far sightedness. Other detects can be delegating and takes the form of glaucoma. These types could be assisted with surgical operations. Treatments are available for most congenital birth disorders. The best tip for people with congenital eye defects is seeking medical advice of correction.
  5. Temporary Eye Condition: Because the eye is the window in which we view the world, any temporary eye condition such as blurring or pesky infection is a worrisome development. The best guide is to assume that even with the best eye care, eye problem would crop up once in a while people tend to over use the eyes.
  6. Some of the major temporary issues with the eyes which remedy could be obtained over the counter drug store on prescription are pink eyes dry eyes and red eyes. It is interesting to note also that children are immune from temporary eye problems as mentioned above. Where such infections occur, consult an optomologist immediately for treatment and advice.

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