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Displace #COVID19


Imbibe these Simple routine this period: Pray and ask God for mercy.  Drink warm water regularly. You can take lemon and warm water. Your regular exercise will help drive fear away from you. Observe Social Distancing. Wash your hands regularly; Put your mind to work … mention but a few. …

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IWD2020: Photos


It’s so perplexing that over the years, achieving the UDHR/CEDAW/UN goal for women equality looks so vague.

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Closing the gap for Each4Equal with skills acquisition


It was a wonderful session on Saturday 7th March 2020, as we added our hands and voices to that of the UN to close the gap for #Each4Equal with skills acquisition.   #CapacityIncrease #relaxation #fun #prayer #Nigeria is a goal for peace. #WomenOnRescue.

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