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Big, Bold & Beautiful! It Shall Talk


Don’t be surprise that this year earrings shall speak. You don’t have to talk much just allow your ear to speak through your earring. You may ask me, How? By the display of big, bold and beautiful earrings. The foundation for big earrings. The foundation for big earrings layed last …

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Appreciation A Gate Way


Appreciation ought to be a core attitude every one human-being must imbibe, because to a great extent it could determine where one would be at each phase of one’s life. In scriptural view ‘it is a good thing to give thanks (Appreciation)’ Psalm 105:1. So it’s obvious that attitude has …

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Do You Think a Pastor Should Own a Jet/Plane?


Kemi: Yes oh K.O Baba: Big yes Perebi: Yes Nkechi: Yes, because good things are for those that worship him with their true heart. Pst Susan: Yes and Yes; I see nothing wrong in it. 1) Its a means of transport. 2) Good has promised to bless believers above their …

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