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Do You Think a Pastor Should Own a Jet/Plane?

Kemi: Yes oh

K.O Baba: Big yes

Perebi: Yes

Nkechi: Yes, because good things are for those that worship him with their true heart.

Pst Susan: Yes and Yes; I see nothing wrong in it. 1) Its a means of transport. 2) Good has promised to bless believers above their wildest imagination. 3) It also makes evangelism easy; we can reach the unreachable at less cost.

Mr Ukpaka: Please let me answer it in two ways; I will say Yes if his intention is to use the jet in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ or for missions or to areas the Holy Spirit has directed Him. The Bible talked about preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth like some of the apostles of old. But on the other hand he should start preaching the gospel in his locality. There are people who have no hope to them, tell them that when you have Christ you have all.

Oghogho Akpovi: I really don’t see anything wrong with it. But I don’t think they should have more than one.

Jenifer: No with reason.

Hon. Kitchiner Oboroma: If a pastor can own a car, boat, then why not a jet, because they are all means of transportation for road, sea, and air respectively.

Elder Friday Owhonda: Yes, A pastor I believe is a person just like the rest of us. He like us has his aspirations, needs or wants towards achieving his set goals in life. If he has the genuine means, or has friends who can afford him the jet, why not.

Sis Charity: Yes, if the purpose is for the gospel and No, if its for personal pleasure, because all things are for his PLEASURE.

Sis Glady: Is that the only means to evangelize.

Pastor Chibueze Amadi: Yes, if he can afford it and his ternary is tight with international engagement. At this point it’s a necessity not a pleasure.

Okubo: Of course he should. A private jet is for every person that has money to buy one.

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