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Celebrating International Widows Day 2020

What a day to start our fast. God is gracious.
We join the UN to recognise all widows today, for all they’ve been through and are still going through in life.

You may not understand their plight, but we do. That’s Because we have them amongst us and we always help them at any given opportunity.

The loss of a partner is devastating. For many women around the world, especially in developing countries, that loss is magnified by a long-term struggle for their basic needs, their human rights and dignity. Knowing that grief and loss are causes of Depression; but they were able to subdue it and gain their lives back. They are worth celebrating.

Couple with the fact that, the pandemic has just worsened the situation during the past several months. And so many questions keep bugging our minds; How are they feeding? Who’s comforting them? Who’s standing up for them? Too many, yes just too many questions to answer. I’m sure we are thinking alike.

But all we can say for now, to anyone reading this post, is that, “please locate a widow and put smile on her face again.” Give them reasons to live. Send a message of hope to them. Help them to regain their lost identity, property, children etc. And watch how God Blesses you.

And To every widow out there, we got you right in our prayers. Don’t fail to contact us, as we would do our least to make you feel comfortable.
God bless you

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