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Big, Bold & Beautiful! It Shall Talk

Don’t be surprise that this year earrings shall speak. You don’t have to talk much just allow your ear to speak through your earring.

You may ask me, How? By the display of big, bold and beautiful earrings. The foundation for big earrings. The foundation for big earrings layed last year 2015. Quite frankly, this year fashionistas are set for a thrill both on the run ways and various carpets respectively.

Earrings are more than just decorative jewellery for earlobes, they speak volumes of your personality, they represent styles, flair and the way a person sees herself. The days of clip on earrings are definitively over and the trend is for the bold, dropped or hanging pieces fancy, jeweled earrings are often reserved for evening wear, every other shape and style can be won with any fashion, either casual or formal night or day.

One basic truth about earrings is, it enhances your hairstyle. Dropped earring, looks fabulous on short bob or low cut hair. Go to bed and sleep with this they are not expensive. Though there are some that can cut off your pockets but buy according to your purse.

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