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“Nice one ma, I love ur advice but my problem is this! in a case my hubby says that the reason of him getting married to me was that his elder sister lives in the same city with me not even that he loves or like me and that if am not ready to keep a good rapport with his  sister that he will quit the marriage what will i do?now that his sister I don’t want to be close to her cause several times I want her for any advice whenever we had issue she will always advice me to live the marriage if I no I can no longer endure the marriage infact she told me last week that my hubby is her brother that no body is begging me to marry him if wish to marry that I should go ahead and if I don’t wish that I should go to hell and this is a marriage of only 4 months.”

I hope this response is not late. It’s been like almost 2 years you sent this question.
The foundation of any marriage is important.
From what you said, love is not in anyway close to it. You already know the foundation; that is his elder sister, your sister in law. Since You’ve agreed to this proposal, you have to make sure you please her. That’s the reality of life. If you must enjoy your home then put the right begs in the right holes.
Also know that love grows over time. There is every possibility of him loving you as time goes on especially if you live up to expectation.
But most importantly, God is the ultimate. Like I said , prayer is powerful. With prayer, even the most wicked person will go down on his knees. You know why; because the heart of a king is in the hand of God; he turns it to wherever He wants to.
Just prayerfully follow the principles of the word of God. And one day, you shall share your testimony like I’m doing. God bless you. Have a fruitful, peaceful and blissful home in Jesus name, amen.

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