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Appreciation A Gate Way

Appreciation ought to be a core attitude every one human-being must imbibe, because to a great extent it could determine where one would be at each phase of one’s life. In scriptural view ‘it is a good thing to give thanks (Appreciation)’ Psalm 105:1. So it’s obvious that attitude has divine relevance too. The attitude of appreciation ought to reflect in every facet, issue and scenario of our lives. When we say “Appreciation”, looking at it from a second party, it means, recognizing the positive potency in a thing and being drawn to it. Let’s look at some few areas where this virtue is vividly applicable.


Appreciating yourself is one of the major pillars for self actualization. Your perception about you, contributes greatly in affecting the ways you confront issues. Your opinion about yourself maters so much. No one knows you better than you, except God. So it is imperative that even when people make malicious, negative opinions about you, that you scrutinize them properly based on the knowledge (perception) about yourself, to see if there is any truth of character modification or if they are just bitter statement (lies) to be discarded. Always have a positive thought or belief system about yourself, ‘Say to yourself audibly or in your thoughts to convince your subconscious mind to act in that desired direction’. Even when your shortcomings are glaring, so that mustering inner strength to overcome them won’t be difficult. Otherwise, discouragement and lack of determination to fight them would surely set in. it is important you stay excited and alive, irrespective of how you may feel.

Your physical appearance, present financial status, family background is no limitation to your advancement in life. Just focus, look within and you would see that you are at an advantage always. Perhaps the things you may see, might appear insignificant, but they may be the treasure that would make you unique, special and outstanding among others.

Looking at some reference, Lady Dr. Evangelist Josephine Diete-Spiff is one. Here is a young person who has excelled beyond prediction and was “Dreaming dreams even in her teens”.

There are people God decided to raise from the dust to high mountains. Everything about them is disadvantaged, but God our God who is sovereign on His own decides to bless. Bartimaeus was blind but yet appreciated his hearings and speaking abilities. Zacheaus was short yet he was wealthy and wasn’t short in his running ability. Jesus was born in a manger into carpentry by profession, but He because and still is, the greatest amender of lives. Recognize and magnify your unique features, abilities and become a wonder In your generation…(to be continued in next edition).

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