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5 Things Husband Expect From Their Wives

It is generally believed, as it is of a truth that there is a world of difference between a woman and a wife.

Let me lead us into some qualities of a wife:-

  1. A wife is a subordinate of her Husband
  2. A wife wins the confidence of her Husband and thereupon becomes his confidant.
  3. A wife believes in her Husband
  4. A wife does everything to make her Husband happy by knowing when her Husband is unhappy and devising or administering therapy that makes him happy. She watches his countenance at all times.
  5. A wife is a mother, nurse, minder and friend of her Husband
  6. A wife wins the confidence of Inlaws by always ensuring the bridge between her Husband and his family is smooth at all times.
  7. A wife keeps and maintain the home front intact at all times.
  8. A wife is not authoritative, aggressive, harsh, saucy, proud, arrogant, cantankerous, quarrelsome.
  9. A wife must study and understand her Husband.
  10. A wife must be suggestive and supportive of her Husband.

By Chief Sunnie Chukumele

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