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2019 International Day of the Girl Child. Girl Force: Unscripted & Unstoppable

G-Influence International Initiative celebrated the girl child today after some days of creating awareness via radio station with Pst Debby Jones-Erue and other resource persons.

Students from various schools around Iwofe/Eleparanwo came together to bound and build their self esteem. Self Esteem is pivotal in living an unscripted and unstoppable life.

It is having respect and self worth for oneself. It’s so surprising how some persons believe in others and doubt themselves. See, it’s not enough to shout GIRL FORCE. You must leave and behave like it. So, build your SELF ESTEEM.

To do that you have to:
a. Believe in yourself
b. Face your fears and doubts
c. Take charge of your emotion
d. Let your happiness flow from within
e. Most importantly, know your place in God.


See photos from the event:

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