G-Influence magazine is designed to affect the people in our immediate environment, the nation and the world for Christ like influence; using Jesus to create great vanguard.

The Niger Delta Talent Hunt is one of G-Influence foremost project for Niger Delta Youths. It is an event planned to combat Joblessness and encourage talented and skilled individuals. As you are aware that unemployment has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society and has given rise to criminal Act in our society which is on the increase on a daily basis and they must have contributed negatively towards the peace and happiness of the Niger Delta States, populace and environs, directly or indirectly. This unfortunate situation can be combated, just by mere job provision or social welfare system adoption, that will make people more self reliance and to have self esteem. Today we are having all kinds of insecurity and unrest but G-Influence (Magazine) International says, we are here not to complain any longer but to proffer solution.

It is not a gain saying that we do not want the talent embedded in our youngsters to go into extinction; for the worse thing that can happen to a man is what dies inside of him, while he is alive. The British Naval hero officer; Admiral Nelson with bruises from war, stood firm as a fighter and declared, “I am of the opinion that the boldest measures are the safest”. G-Influence Niger Delta Talent team has taken the boldest measures of scanty for talent by giving them leverage to soar high and to alleviate poverty. For the greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision (Helen Keller).G-Influence magazine is designed to affect the people in our immediate, the nation and the world for Christ like influence; using Jesus to create great vanguard.

G-Influence magazine is partnering with meaningful Nigerians like the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in organizing the “NIGER DELTA TALENT HUNT”, so as to discover talented youths in the region in Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Art and fashion.

The need for such a program was born out of the limited opportunities afforded to Niger Delta Youths to develop and give full expression of their talent. This program shall provide exposure, capacity building, encouragement, opportunity and financial assistance to talented youths; such as those who are creative with outstanding capacities/ passion in music (Singing), Dancing, Comedy, Art and Fashion should be eligible for consideration.

Niger Delta Talent Hunt promises to be contests, because participants shall be motivated to perform for a reward, trophy or prize of some kind.

The Niger Delta Youth Talent Hunt is a project designed to identify, capacitate and showcase young change makers in Nigeria using their talent to create positive social change in their local communities. There are some unlikely events or happens that can actually be averted.

On Christmas day in Detroit 2009, a young Nigerian attempted to blow up a jet liner in a failed bomb scare which put Nigeria in the headline for negative reason, shocking the Nigeria people and generating widespread condemnation. However, that action does not represent the values, responsibility, patriotism, creativity, humanness and positive outlook of the average Nigeria youth. The Niger Delta Talent Hunt (NDTH), is one of such initiative that showcase that young and emerging Nigerians are strategic contributors to national and global development.

Our organization is saddled with the responsibilities of growing and developing talent in the area of Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Art and Fashion. The first step to true happiness must begin with moral, spiritual, physical and emotional development of persons. The Niger Delta Talent Hunt (NDTH), is a great national opportunity for corporate bodies interested in promoting positive youth culture in Nigeria, this program offers a huge market and opportunity.

A credible platform provided to help identify early talent in our youths. These talents are then harnessed for the greater good of the youth and the society.



  1. To affect the people in our immediate environment
  2. To enable youths showcase and demonstrate God’s deposited talent in their lives
  3. To promote peaceful co-existence among the youth of Niger Delta, thereby enhancing and defending her unity.
  4. To provide exposure, capacity building, encouragement and scholarship grand to talented youths
  5. To help boost the self esteem ,confidence and social construct of youths
  6. To alleviate poverty and giving them leverage to forestall poverty.
  7. To discover, nurture and produce young and hidden talents in the region
  8. It will enhance unity, irrespective of religious background, educational background and political affiliation.
  9. To meaningfully engage the mind of the youths in the region for productive use
  10. To help combat youth restiveness, crime, cultism deviant behaviors and other social vices
  11. Obtaining scholarship/grants to further their education
  12. To provide the opportunity for every Niger Delta Youths to be known and celebrated.









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