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Ask your mind to control your health. How? [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Health they say is wealth. No amount of money can give you the desired Joy when you are sick or not physically ok. That is the truth. I can vividly say, from experience, not all sicknesses require medication. All you need is to be in charge or control of your …

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Rekindling Your Lost Passion


AWAKE YOUR PASSION I started writing, dancing, debating/talking and acting back in my secondary school days, that’s over two decades ago; and recently, preaching the gospel. These were not just passion, but they formed part of me and very quickly they also became what I was known for among friends …

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Learn to Train Your Mind


As one who holds a degree in counseling, a Master and a PhD in view in Educational Psychology, I can say with a great deal of confidence that almost everything has its event wrapped round the mind. If you must win life’s battle, you must have a mastery of the …

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Celebrating International Widows Day 2020


Ohhh; What a day to start our fast. God is gracious. We join the UN to recognise all widows today, for all they’ve been through and are still going through in life. You may not understand their plight, but we do. That’s Because we have them amongst us and we …

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“Mastery The Mind” challenge available for FREE


                  Good to have you on my space. I’m glad to say that you are a step to mastering your mind to dictate the pace of your destiny. Almost everything about life got itself wrapped around the finger of the MIND If …

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